Dedications for Charity

Dedications for Charity

Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah RA reports from the Prophet (saaw):
'When a human passes away, his deeds come to an end, except from three things:

  1. Charity that continues (sadaqah jaariyah); or
  2. Knowledge ('ilm) from which benefit continues to be derived; or
  3. A pious son who makes supplication (du'aa) for him'
    - Bukhaari

Dedicating a space at the new ILM Academy Building is a beautiful way to combine the three above mentioned acts into one.

Dedications for Charity List

  1. Your support for ILM Academy is a sadaqah jaariyah by virtue of our Vision and Mission.
  2. Your support enables ILM Academy to pass on "ilm" (knowledge) to our students, who are our future.
  3. Your support on behalf of a loved one enables all those who visit the school to make du'aa for them and you, not to mention a daily dua from our students and staff during assembly.

Don't miss out on this unique way to help the school and honor and give charity on behalf of your deceased loved ones, be they elders, teachers or friends. May Allah accept your gift and reward you and your loved ones and enter all of us into Al-Firdous. Aameen!

Dedication Opportunities:

Dedication Opportunities:

  •  Entire Campus: $1.6 Million
  •  Classrooms: $25,000 each. 11 5 dedications available
  •  Student Commons: $75,000 (reserved, no longer available)
  •  Offices: $10,000. 3 dedications available (2 offices, 1 conf room).
  •  Trees, Water Fountains: $1000 each. Multiple dedications available.
  •  Dedication Wall Plaque: $500 each.
  •  Park (Phase IIB): $150,000
  •  Mezzanine (Future): $50,000

Current Dedications

Current Dedications:

  •  Classroom #1: The Habibulllah & Bilqis Sophie Room - In progress
  •  Classroom #2: The Abdur Rauf Khatlaney Room - In progress
  •  Classroom #3: The Shireen Durrani Room - In progress
  •  Classroom #4: ES - In progress
  •  Classroom #5: AK - In progress
  •  Classroom #6: MS - In progress
  •  Classroom #7:
  •  Classroom #8:
  •  Classroom #9:
  •  Classroom #10:
  •  Classroom #11:
  •  Student Commons: KS - In progress
  •  Office #1:
  •  Office #2:
  •  Conference Room:
  •  Mezzanine:
  •  Park:

Ways to Donate Dedication Details

Ways to Donate

  1. Online: Click the 'Donate Now' button next to the money plant above.
  2. Offline: Follow instructions in the 'Donate by Check' Box above.

If you would like to start a dedication of your own, please email us at [email protected]

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