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Whether you're a parent, a community member, an educator, or a supporter, your distinct skills, perspectives, experience, and background can contribute to our improvement as an institution. Numerous studies have indicated that the active involvement of parents in school activities can foster positive educational and health behaviors in children and adolescents.

Research highlights a robust correlation between parental engagement and academic outcomes, encompassing consistent school attendance, improved grades, and higher scores on classroom assessments.

Moreover, students are less prone to engage in health-risk behaviors, such as substance abuse and violence, when they perceive their school environment as supportive and caring, with involved parents in their educational journey (APA, Parent Engagement in Schools, 2014).

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The parents organization is a critical platform that cultivates robust parental engagement, fosters a familial culture, and financial support for our school, enhances the learning environment, and actively shapes students with a Muslim identity and a focus on moral and academic excellence. PTO provides parents with opportunities to lead an expansive volunteering program and interact with the school's administration, teachers, staff, and other parents. Build a connection between parents and the school by initiating and endorsing diverse activities throughout the year.

Year after year, the PTO contributes to the school's versatile functions that enhance ILM's diverse culture and thriving environment. ALLAH blessed our school with active and dedicated parents, who are the backbone of our PTO - continually supporting the school's mission and vision.

We invite more parents and volunteers to join our organization, contribute to the growth of ILM Academy, and uphold the highest standards of education and moral character. For further details about ILM Academy's Parent Teacher Organization, please contact at [email protected].

We are continuously looking for volunteers. There are many opportunities available to volunteer at ILM Academy.

High-school, Community College and University students seeking real-world experience in the fields of Education, Psychology, Childhood Development, Public Administration, Non-profit organizations, Accounting, Business Administration, Technology are encouraged to apply for our Internship Program.

Young professionals can gain valuable experience doing non-profit work by lending a helping-hand at ILM Academy.