Elementary School: Kindergarten to Fourth Grade

With the grace of Allah, our elementary school began in 2008, and is still continuing to expand and flourish. Our lower elementary school curriculum is unique in that it offers all the core subjects ranging from ELA to math and science, whilst also catering for Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies. We have a daily assigned schedule for physical education and arts/crafts. Therefore, our curriculum exceeds the Georgia Performance Standards, as we have an intellectually insatiable appetite.

The ILM Academy staff are extremely mindful of integrating technology with education, as they are aware of the demands imposed by today's employers. With this in mind, we respect the fact that we have entered a digital era, and therefore, we amply prepare and equip our Muslim children for a world that has transformed into a global village.

Elementary school students are exposed and immersed in an Islamic-rich environment, which is intrinsically at the root of their all-around education. Each and every concept is embellished from an Islamic angle, to enable our students to be cognizant of their every action throughout their lives. Our students are taught to become respectable and serving citizens of their country, and at the same time, pursue the fundamental teachings of our religion, insha'Allah.