Elementary School: Kindergarten to Fourth Grade

ILM Academy’s Elementary Program (Kindergarten through Grade 4) is designed to help our students build and strengthen foundational skills in literacy and math while encouraging the love of learning through Islamic teachings and exploration of scientific ideas. Our teachers provide students with the support and challenges they need to grow academically & emotionally.

Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) integrated curriculum provides relevant and real-life scenarios which promote student engagement and rigor. Elementary school students are exposed and immersed in an Islamic-rich environment, which is intrinsically at the root of their all-rounded education. We make sure to integrate Islamic Studies, Quran, & Arabic in the PBLs (Project Based Learning), so the students understand that their Deen does not stop at the basics of salah and fasting, but rather it is integrated throughout their life. Our students are taught to become respectable and serving citizens of their community, and at the same time, pursue the fundamental teachings of our religion, Insha'Allah.


  •  -The curriculum is aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence
  •  -Focus on building and strengthening foundational skills in literacy through Daily Cafe program
  •  -Mathematical concepts are presented through hands-on learning to build concrete concepts
  •  -21st-century skills (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communications) are taught through the PBLs
  •  -Technology infused curriculum with students in Grades 1-4 having personal devices
  •  -Computer Science classes for Grades 1-4
  •  -Levels and differentiation in Quran and Arabic
  •  -Students consistently perform above the national average in standardized test
  •  -All core subjects integrate Islamic teachings in the lessons
  •  -Intentional teaching of growth mindset to inculcate social & emotional well-being through the Big Life Journal programs and Islamic teachings