This is your chance to be part of a project that has been undertaken for the sole purpose of gaining the pleasure of Allah (swt). All donations, if given with the pure intention are 100% rewardable from the Best of Investment Partners.....Allah (swt), whose rate of return is higher than the biggest number you can think of!

And yes, you can get that tax benefit too...

If you are a parent, we thank you for sending your child to ILM. The fees that you pay, the time that you volunteer and the support that you give show your commitment towards providing the best environment for your children. May Allah reward you for all of these! Any assistance you provide above and beyond this enables us to strengthen the trust you've given us - the trust of nurturing your young ones as Muslims.

If you are thinking about sending your child to ILM Academy in the next few years, do not wait until you enroll your child to help ILM financially. Your financial support NOW helps us realize our self-improvement goals earlier, making ILM an even more appealing choice for you when your children are ready to be enrolled.

If you are a local community member, it is your duty to help build the infra-structure of your locality with schools like ILM being are an essential component of this much needed infra-structure. Our children need a safe, nurturing and confidence-building environment where they can prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead. They are next in line to be imams, masjid attendees, community leaders, community members and consumers of our community services. Invest in the future of our community TODAY by helping ILM prepare this next generation of Muslims that will benefit OUR community tomorrow.

Lastly, if you are a member of this great Ummah, then ILM Academy is another chance for you to diversify your investment with Allah. While your children may not benefit directly from ILM today or in ten years, know that perhaps one (or some) ILM graduates that you helped support, will contribute significantly towards the revival of this Ummah.

Jazakum Allaho Khairan!

Other ways you can help:

  1. If you live in GA and you use a gas provider, sign up with Georgia Natural Gas. They will give ILM a monthly donation - at no cost to you! Details
  2. Experience the power in numbers... Sign up for a small recurring monthly donation. Together we can reach 500 donors or $5000/mo. Details here.
  3. Make Islamic Education a reality for those who cannot afford it. Sponsor a student's tuition and fees at ILM.