ILM Academy High School


An Academic Approach As Unique As Each Student

Program Highlights

- A blended learning model that provides:
   -online learning with an onsite teacher/facilitator for focused and guided instruction
   -engaging environment
   -academic rigor

- Over 100 College Prep, Honors, AP, and Elective courses to choose from
- Personalized Academic Programs
- Highly qualified instructors
- Mentorship programs to support the students' career paths
- Extracurricular Activities & Clubs


Islamic Education to Prepare for Life Ahead

- Knowledge of Deen & its implementation
- Leadership workshops
- Various volunteering opportunities and community services


Why ILM's High School?

- Proven track record with elementary and middle school programs
- Students consistently rank in the top 10% percent nationally
- Established reputation of inculcating high standards in Islamic morals, values, knowledge and implementation

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