Middle School

The ethos of ILM Middle School is that it welcomes and embraces a technology-supporting environment, in order to facilitate learning by today's Common Core Standards. Not only is each classroom furnished with up-to-date Promethean boards, but each student is also given an iPad to expedite learning to the highest levels.

ILM Middle School promises to explore and deliver new pursuits in teaching and learning. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to teaching, as there is no 'One size fits all' curriculum. As a private school, we are blessed to have the flexibility to design our curriculum to meet our students' needs, but at the same time, we do meet and exceed the Common Core Standards. Our curriculum is entrenched in the love of learning through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic measures. We cover all facets of academic learning from the core subjects, to science and social studies, and still concentrate upon Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies. We also understand the need for students to be engaged in physical education, as well as explore their artistic and creative talents.

Just because we deliver all areas of mainstream education, we never compromise upon a safe Islamic environment. Islam is at the core of the students' daily lives. Students are segregated upon their gender, wherever, and whenever possible. We realize that students are entering adolescence, and therefore, this is a sensitive and a vulnerable time for them. We assure you, that every policy is tailored with this reality in mind. We provide an extremely safe environment, to prevent our precious Muslim youth from becoming contaminated with any corruptive influences. This is at the heart of our mission and vision, and we never veer away from our guarantee, Alhamdullilah.