Middle School


ILM Middle School promises to explore and deliver new pursuits in teaching and learning. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to teaching, as there is no 'One size fits all' curriculum. As a private school, we are blessed to have the flexibility to design our curriculum to meet our students' needs, but at the same time, we do meet and exceed the Georgia Standards. We cover all facets of academic learning from the core subjects, to science and social studies, and still concentrate upon Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies. We also understand the need for students to be engaged in physical education, as well as explore their artistic and creative talents.

Middle School focuses on preparing well-rounded students who not only excel in their academics but are also respectful contributing members of society. Implementation of the STEAM framework provides them opportunities to collaborate with the community, businesses, and individuals to find solutions to real-life problems. The students are provided exposure to various career paths through the Mentoring program and participate in many competitions and clubs to discover their interests and passions.

Why ILM Academy's Middle School?

  • -Curriculum aligned with Georgia Standards

  • -STEAM integration in pedagogical practices

  • -Scaffolded teaching strategies with a focus on formative assessments

  • -Celebrate and nurture unique strengths & talents through various competitions & contests

  • -Focus on building student public speaking skills & confidence through many in school and out of school opportunities

  • -Writing and creativity skills are encouraged through Middle School newsletters and writing publications

  • -Levels and differentiation in Quran & Arabic


  • -Students learn and practice the Islamic way of life beyond just textbook knowledge.

  • -An environment where Muslim students feel safe, respected and have the ability to grow

  • -Islamic values are taught across all subjects to guide students in making the right choices & decisions throughout their life

  • -Consistent uplifting Tarbiyah sessions throughout the middle school years

  • -Rigorous academic programs and projects to prepare the students for high school and beyond

  • -Hifz program available for qualified 5th - 8th-grade students

  • -Islamic Studies curriculum designed to teach Deen as a way of life

  • -Social & emotional growth according to the principles of Islamic values

  • -Qualified teachers and staff Extracurricular activities and clubs

  • -Youth mentoring program to provide exposure to various career paths

  • -Students consistently perform above the national average in standardized tests.