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Middle School Program

Middle School Program

Fifth to Eighth Grade 

Our middle school program develops our emerging Muslim youth for future challenges. Recognizing the significance of the ever-evolving digital era and competitive educational and social environment, we align our focus with education, social, and emotional learning with preparing our emerging youth for the demands of the modern workforce while immersing our middle school students in an Islamically-focused environment, which is fundamental to their education.
All concepts the middle school students learn in our program are adorned with an Islamic perspective, fostering awareness in our students' actions throughout their lives. We instill in them the values of becoming respectful and contributing citizens while embracing our religion's fundamental teachings, insha'Allah.

Cutting-Edge Learning Environment

Our teaching approach involves scaffolded strategies with formative assessments, fostering a progressive and tailored learning journey. We actively nurture and showcase unique talents through engaging competitions, providing a platform for individual growth in a tech-savvy atmosphere where each classroom is equipped with modern Promethean boards. Every student receives a personal laptop, ensuring an elevated learning experience aligned with today's Georgia Standards.

Tailored Curriculum with an Inclusive Approach

Experience a dynamic curriculum crafted with care, embracing a 'no one-size-fits-all' philosophy. As a private school, we tailor our teaching approach to meet individual needs while surpassing Georgia Standards. Our engaging curriculum integrates experiential learning methods, covering core STEAM subjects with Arabic, Qur'an, and Islamic Studies education. We design customized activities outside the classroom to empower students with expression and develop invaluable skills that stimulate creativity and shape their personalities as confident young Muslims who are successful in the future workforce.

Holistic Development in a Safe Islamic Environment

We prioritize a secure Islamic environment, respecting the sensitivity of adolescence. Gender segregation, safety policies, and a commitment to shielding our youth from negative social influences are at the core of our mission. Alhamdulillah, we ensure a nurturing environment where Islamic values are woven into every aspect of learning.
Choose ILM Middle School for a transformative educational journey beyond textbooks, embracing Islamic values and preparing students for high school success. Experience the ILM difference today!