Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a Student

Our Belief and Hope

Every child has a right to an education which includes knowledge about their deen - Islam - as well as knowledge of our world, which Allah (swt) created. Since our first year - despite revenue shortfalls - we have reserved a select number of seats for students who demonstrate genuine financial need. Today, our hope is to be able to fulfill this right to everyone who is interested in an ILM Education - regardless of their ability to pay.

Given our limited number and resources, this hope can only become a reality with Allah's help - manifested perhaps through generous supporters like you - who can increase our pool of funds reserved for need based scholarships and financial aid.

The Process

The process is straight forward. You tell us what you what you would like to pledge to cover tuition & fees. You also indicate how many children you would like to support and for how many academic years. Your pledge can cover the entire tuition & fees or it can be a percentage of it. Based on the total pledges received per year from all sponsors, ILM determines the number of seats available to sponsored students. You decide on how to fulfill your pledge - a single payment or in installments.

We encourage you to assist in this noble cause of supporting a Muslim child's future through providing them the opportunity to pursue their right - an education which empowers them in this world and more importantly helps both them and YOU in the next.

Sponsor a Student Program

Annual school fees per child are approximately $5,250. Please offer a full or partial (half) scholarship to sponsor a child's education. Knowledge is the foundation of the whole religion, and there is no religion without knowledge. Allaah revealed the Book so that mankind may keep up justice, and learn the rulings of their religion, and the beliefs, words and deeds that are enjoined upon them.