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ILM Annual Events

Our school has established a variety of annual programs in order to round-up our students' education.

Scholastic Book Fair: This is a much anticipated event in our school calendar. Ilm Academy collaborates with Scholastic Books, to host an annual book fair. Here, the students and parents are eager to boost their literacy skills by purchasing new and popular literature/genre from the Scholastic world.

Islamic Book Fair: Last academic year was the first time where Ilm Academy launched a highly successful Islamic book fair. Ilm Academy invited ‘Kitab House,' as well as other well-known Islamic publishing houses, to generate enthusiasm in Islamic literature amongst our student-body and Muslim community at large.

Mini Hajj: Each year, as part of our efforts to both teach and celebrate our Hajj pilgrimage, Ilm Academy ensures that our students are introduced to the rituals of our holy pilgrimage. Please be assured that this is a simulation & reinactment of Hajj, and by no means, does Ilm Academy attempt to substitute the real pilgrimage. There is immense involvement of our parental body, and students are most excited to partake in this annual activity.

Town Hall As part of our school's policy and belief that parents have a platform to voice their opinions & provide suggestions, both parents and school leaders assimilate to help shape the decisions, which ultimately affect the education and future our students.

ILM Past Events

Mona Lisa Project – Supporting Syrian Orphans & Refugees: Ilm's Charity & Community Service Committee was responsible for initiating and executing this project, along with the joint effort of our local masjid. This committee comprises of both PTO members along with some of our dedicated students. Last year, they successfully and systemically arranged for fundraising initiatives which included the following activities; school hosting a benefit breakfast, holding various venues for the opportunity to purchase Ilm students' hand-made arts & crafts, calligraphic wall-hangings, and jewelry.

Food Drive: As part of our endeavors to amalgamate with our local Islamic schools, Ilm Academy was involved with the Atlanta Food Bank to collect food & drink items, for the benefit of our local Muslim brothers and sisters. The teachers generated a buzz, whereby the students were eager to participate, for the purpose of not only helping their fellow neighbors, but also earning rewards in the hereafter.

Water Project: This was a school competition between all the grades, to raise funds for the purpose of providing clean water to third world countries. This was in line with the subscription to the Islamic belief of contributing to helping their fellow Muslims. The students were required to approach various individuals to raise money for this cause, which inevitably boosted the students' confidence and self-esteem when interacting with others. Ilm Academy, alhamdullilah, accumulated vast sums of money through the charitable efforts of our students.

Quran Competition - UISA Ilm Academy collobrated with several local Islamic schools, to pursue & encourage our students' love, admiration, and enthusiasm for the Qur'an. To that end ILM students participated in a Quran Competition where they shined.

Relay of Life - ILM's Charity and Community Service Committee participated in the event for the first time in October of 2013. It was an experience that our students learned a lot from. Alhumdulillah most of our committee students have not experienced having a loved one be stricken with cancer, but participating in this event gave them better understanding of the disease and doing something about it for the ones who have been touched by it. We were able to raise funds through online donations and by snacks at the event itself.

Clarkston Toy Drive - The first charity project undertaken by ILM's Charity and Community Service Committee. The committee students took the challenge of putting together a toy drive where they will collect toys/donations to cover about 100 kids. Alhumdulillah with their hard work, our students were able to collect enough toys and monetary donations to distribute to over 130 kids. This experience taught our students about compassion, empathy and love for their underpriviledged brothers and sisters in Islam.