Project Milestones

Project Milestones

Alhamdulillah, the purchase of ILM Academy's own building is becoming became a reality with your support! At this point, funds are needed to complete Phase II of the project: Renovations.

Phase II Costs: $750,000

Below are some milestones related to funds raised:

May 2012: A building fund is setup to collect monies solely for the purchase/construction of a new building.

May 21st 2012: The 1st ILM Academy public fundraiser for the building fund. $126K is pledged in donations from parents and community members.

June 2012: ILM Academy secures an interest-free loan to cover Phase II (construction).

Oct 2012: ILM Academy enters into a contract to purchase the selected property for $750,000.

Oct 20th 2012: ILM Academy parents pledge another $63K in donations.

Oct 2012: ILM Academy secures an interest-free loan for $400K for Phase I (purchase).

Nov 11th 2012: 'March for ILM' walk-a-thon for ILM Academy parents in partnership with Verizon Foundation raises $33K.

Dec 14th 2012: Fundraising Dinner - The culmination of our fund raising efforts with $63K raised!

Dec 18th 2012: The Building is purchased by securing an emergency short-term (interest-free) loan.

Jan 2013: Pre-planning for Phase II started: Initial sketches for floorplan, 2nd floor feasibility, etc.

Feb 2013: Construction Committee, Fundraising Committee formed.

Mar 2013: Architect, PM and other professionals formally engaged on the project.

Mar 5th 2013: Conditional Use/Concurrent Variance Application submitted to Roswell for Phase IIB.

Apr 2013: Minor Repairs, Asbestos Removal, selected demolition started.

Apr 18th 2013: Architectural plans submitted to City of Roswell.

Apr 25th 2013: Building Permit issued by City of Roswell.

May 13th 2013: Construction begins.

May 17th 2013: ILM-a-thon Parent Fundraiser. $60K raised.

May 26th 2013: End of Year Ceremony. Parent Fundraiser #2: 44K raised.

June 2013: 250K in interest free loan secured for construction.

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