Our Governing Board consists of the following members selected from the school's parent body. Current members are:

Br. Imran Balkhi - Chairman

Imran has been an active volunteer at ILM since 2008. He previously served on ILM board during school years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. Imran has been integral part of the tax credit program during past 6 years.  He has participated in Principal Search, Tax Credit, Finance, Facility and High School Committees.  His eldest son is an ILM 8th grade graduate and alumni.  Imran has 3 kids enrolled in the school this year. He is an IT professional, entrepreneur, co-founder & Chief Technology Officer of a technology product company.

Br. Pervaiz Shaikh

Br. Pervaiz moved to Atlanta with family a few years back and has a child in ILM Academy. He works as a management consultant to advise companies on business and corporate strategy. Prior to being on the Board, he served as a leading member of the school's Principal Search Committee. His vision for ILM is to provide an enriching learning environment for students so they excel in both academics and extra-curricular activities, and grow into future Muslim American leaders who serve their community well.

Br. Reza Rizvi - Secretary

Reza been an active volunteer serving ILM Academy since he joined the community back in 2009. He previously served on the board from 2013-2015. He has 4 kids currently enrolled in the school. He has a background in Electrical Engineering and is currently working as a senior manager for a large professional services firm.


Br. Mir Ahmed 

Mir is a Lead Software Developer at a large automotive company with over 20 years experience in his field. He has a long history of volunteerism at Islamic institutions and is an ex-board member at ILM Academy. He brings strong leadership qualities and experience writing policy and governance for the school.

Members are NOT compensated for serving on the board. They are all volunteers.

We welcome all parents and community members to participate in the proper governance of ILM Academy by taking active part in this process.

The board can be reached at [email protected].