Board of Trustees Heading

Board of Trustees

ILM Academy's Board of Trustees members are:

Board of Trustees Bio Listing

Ali Rizvi

Founder member & Chairperson of Board of Trustees

Ali Rizvi is a software engineer at an IT organization with a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a founder and ex-board member of ILM Academy. He is actively involved in the community and Masjids.

Sameer Shaikh

Founder member

Sameer Shaikh is a Technical Project Manager at a large IT organization with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He is an ILM Academy founder and ex-board member. Before and after his term on the board he has consistently been a volunteer on several committees (Finance Committee, Board Nomination Committee, IT Committee, etc).

Siraj Ghaffar

Ex-board member

Siraj Ghaffar has served as a board member previously. During this tenure as a board members, he has volunteered for different initiatives. He has bachelor’s in computer science and is a seasoned technology professional. He has worked in various large tech firms in software engineering related roles. 

Under the updated bylaws

Under the updated bylaws, the Board of Trustees will have oversight in the following areas:

  • School real estate
  • Ownership of bylaws
  • Formation and oversight of the Board of Governors
  • Oversight of cultural policies