Tomorrow's Leaders.

Our school was born out of the necessity to raise tomorrow's Muslim American leaders. We educate, equip, and empower our students with leadership qualities; negotiation, communication & problem-solving skills, and saturating them with the confidence and assertiveness to stand and deliver on our future policies.

Academic Excellence

Community Connection.

Book knowledge goes only so far. At Ilm, we expand & elaborate upon our academic content & curriculum, by executing hands-on & real life projects. These programs involve our students, staff, and leaders to assist our Muslim community at large. Recently, Ilm students drove the initiative for raising $8,000 for the Syria "Mona Lisa" project, through a community breakfast and selling items. The 5th and 6th graders were cashiers and handled over $2,000 in cash sales. In addition, they collected toys for the Clarkston refugee kids and distributed them. Making a connection to the community is a vital part of our educational process at ILM.

BUS Service

Bus Service and After School Program

We have worked diligently with our parents and staff to provide bus service and afterschool services for working parents. Our ILM parents spoke and we listened! As part of collaborative efforts we can been able to successfully provide for our ILM children and parents bus service to a more convenient location and also an After School Program till 6pm to accommodate parents who work till 5pm.

We don't just teach Islam - we LIVE it!

ILM students are exposed to an in depth wealth of knowledge from the sciences of Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies, making them conscious of who they are and what their responsibilities in this life entail. Ihsaan (excellence) is our core motivator - driving the staff to continually improve and integrate Islam at all levels in the academic experience a student has here! By providing a safe, Islamically encouraging and mind challenging environment at ILM we know that our students will become the CONFIDENT, AWARE and ACTIVE Muslims of TOMORROW!