Our Trustee Board consists of the following members. Current members are:

Br. Ali Rizvi - Chairman

Ali Rizvi is a software engineer at an IT organization with a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a founder and ex-board member of ILM Academy. He is actively involved in the community and Masjids.

Br. Sameer Shaikh 

Sameer is a Technical Project Manager at a large IT organization with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He is an ILM Academy founder and ex-board member. Before and after his term on the board he has consistently been a volunteer on several committees (Finance Committee, Board Nomination Committee, IT Committee, etc).

Br. Siraj Abdul Ghaffar

Siraj has a bachelor’s in computer science and is a seasoned technology professional. He has worked in various large tech firms in software engineering related roles. He is an ex-governing board member and has volunteered for different initiatives.

Members are NOT compensated for serving on the board. They are all volunteers.