The technology innovation at ILM started with digital white boards and iPads, where students learned to spell, pronounce, and create sentences with an interactive course designed by our team. ILM Academy was nationally recognized and awarded the digital Arabic program by ISNA in 2012.

The recent investment of smart panels and chrome book devices (for students in grades fifth and above) has delivered an overwhelming transformation in the quality of teaching and learning; the integration of the technology into the curriculum has altered the chalk and talk' lessons, into engaging, interactive, and student-centered work in our learning environment. Smart technology integrated into the lessons and curriculums allows students to retain lessons for a prolonged period of time by making lessons more engaging and interesting. They now have endless, but censored, access to valuable information just from a few taps and swipes.

"...The technology ILM Academy provides my in my classroom allows me to empower students to take control of their own learning and find creative ways to express their understanding. Students are engaged in their learning because technology helps them implement what they know in practical, real-life situations. 

The biggest advantage is that technological learning is student-led. My students are able to work at their own pace, which makes learning more effective for students with different needs. Programs such as IXL and Star360 are intuitive and will challenge my advanced students while providing extra support to those struggling with a concept." Sr. Madeeha (Third Grade Teacher).