Technology @ ILM:

The technology innovation at ILM started with digital white boards, where kids can learn to spell, pronounce and create sentences with an interactive course designed by our team. We were nationally recognized and awarded the digital Arabic program by ISNA in 2012.

The investment of IPADS delivered transformation in the quality of teaching and learning; this piece of technology has altered the chalk and talk' lessons, into fueling engaging, interactive, and student-centered work in our learning environment. There are innovative programs in technology that engage students in learning; ILM students have used the iMessage feature to develop plays, dialogue, and debates. They are recording their performances and oral presentations using the audio and recording devices, and becoming extremely proficient when required to reference websites such as,,, etc. They now have endless, but censored, access to valuable information just from a few taps and swipes.

"...tremendous transformation in the quality of teaching and learning in my class environment..." Sister Shazia Qureshi 6th Grade Teacher"

Many times during the week, the students will submit their classwork and homework by email, and have the benefit of receiving prompt feedback and grading quickly. The latest buzz in language arts periods is whereby student iPads are linked to the class Promethean board, and hence they are able to control their own class contributions. This ultimately allows them to share their work with their peers and the teacher. The iPads have revolutionized and enhanced the quality of teaching delivered, and moreover, improved the parameters of learning in a new and fun way.