Student achievements 2021-2022

STEAMIFY Competition

Spelling Bee

First Grade
First Place - Ammar S
Second Place - Maryam A
Third Place - Omar S

Second Grade
First Place - Yusra A
Second Place - Aliza A
Third Place - Maira J

Third Grade
First Place - Hazem T
Second Place - Areeb S
Third Place - Bayan A

Fourth Grade 
First Place - Humairah M
Second Place - Nadia S
Third Place - Sajid I

Fifth Grade
First Place - Ameenah M
Second Place - Aayan K
Third Place - Nora I

Sixth Grade
First Place - Ameen S
Second Place - Noorie F
Third Place - Daanya Q

Seventh Grade
First Place - Noor A
Second Place - Abdullah L
Third Place - Safaa B

Eighth Grade
First Place - Sara Mohamed
Second Place - Sara 
Third Place - Hamza M

Multiplication Bee

Third Grade
Areeb S
Ameen A
Lina C

Fourth Grade
Emaan U
Nadia S
Sajid I

Fifth Grade
Muhammad K
Deen Mohammad A
Mustafa M

Sixth Grade
Ameen S
Yusuf H
Noorie F

ILM Academy Science Fair

First Place
Biogas, The Fuel of the Future
Tahir S, Nasir S & Ameen S

Second Place
Human Powered Generator
Muhamed S & Abudullah L

Fulton County Science & Engineering Fair Winners
Biogas, The Fuel of the Future
Tahir S, Nasir S & Ameen S

Arabic Spelling Bee
Third Grade
First Place - Bayan A
Second Place - Lina C
Third Place - Leena O
Fourth Grade
First Place - Hessa A
Second Place - Maryam M
Third Place - Nadia S
Fifth Grade
First Place - Ridwan S
Second Place - Ameenah M
Third Place - Mustafa M

Level 1 & 2 Arabic Spelling Bee Champions and Runner Ups

Level 1 (Grades 1 - 2)
Champion: Shayana Z ( Grade 2)
1st Runner Up : Yusra A (Grade 2)
2nd Runner Up : Aliza A (Montessori - Year 2)

Level 2 (Grades 3 - 5)
Champion : Hessa A (Grade 4)
1st Runner Up : Bayan A (Grade 3)
2nd Runner Up : Ridwan S (Grade 5)

The Level 1 & 2 Champions will represent ILM Academy at the CISNA National Spelling Bee.

Islamic Quiz Bowl

Group1 Group 2 Group 3
Grades 4-5 Grades 6-12 (girls) Grades 6-12 (boys)
Karima (4th) Dooria (6th) Ahmad (6th)
Nadia (4th) Ameera (7th) Nasir (6th)
Yusuf (5th) Maryam (7th) Umar (7th)
Ridwan (5th) Nisreen (8th) Basim (9th)
Fayha (5th) Ahmed (9th)

Fulton County Water Art Competition

Ameera Q (7th Grade) - JULY: "Be The Solution to End the Pollution" :

Sarah Z (7th Grade) - DECEMBER: "If You Can Waste Water, You Can Save it Too!" :

Imaan R (6th Grade) - APRIL: "You Don't Know the Worth of Water Till It's Gone"

Distinguished Honorable Mentioned – Maryam A (1st Grade)