Student Achievements

Student Achievements 2018-2019


5th Grade - Second Place

ICNA - Young Muslims Quiz Competition

Level 1 - Bayan (First Grade/Fifth Place)
Nora (Second Grade/Second Place)

Level 2 - Umar (Fourth Grade/Fourth Place)

Adhan Competition - Ahmed (Sixth Grade)

Fulton County Dept. of Public Works Water 2019 Art Calendar

Month of March - Ameera (Fourth Grade)

Honorable Mention - Nabhan (Eighth Grade)

Multiplication Bee
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
First Place - Summer First Place - Malak First Place - Aroush
Second Place - Daanya Second Place - Sheza Second Place - Ariba
Third Place - Ibrahim Third Place - Safaa Third Place - Ali

Science Fair

First Place - Wissal (8th Grade)
Second Place - Basim (6th Grade) & Mohammad A. (6th Grade)
Third Place - Leena (6th Grade) & Rayah (6th Grade)

Fulton County 2019 Art Calendar

Recognition of Achievement (Month of March) - Ameera (4th Grade)

Recognition of Achievement - Nabhan (8th Grade)

State Technology Fair

Third Place in Graphic Design - Safaa (4th Grade)
Third Place in Device Modification - Talal (8th Grade)

Regional Elementary Science Olympiad Competition

First Place: Straw Egg Drop - Amal & Safaa (4th Grade)
Second Place: Paper Rocket - Imaan & Ashaaz (3rd Grade)
Third Place: Backyard Biologists - Ameera & Sarah (4th Grade)

Regional Middle School Science Olympiad Competition

First Place: Circuit Lap - Talal (8th Grade) & Yunus (7th Grade)
Second Place: Battery Buggy - Kasim (8th Grade) & Mohammad (7th Grade)
Second Place: Mystery Architecture - Kasim (8th Grade) & Basim (6th Grade)
Third Place: Solar System - Shaheer & Yunus (7th Grade)
Third Place: Dynamic Planet - Shaheer (7th Grade) & Ahmed (6th Grade)

ILM Academy came in overall 4th place out of 21 schools
and qualified to participate in state competition.

State Middle School Science Olympiad Competition

Second Place: Game On - Nabhan (8th Grade) & Yunus (7th Grade)

Islamic Quiz Bowl

Elementary Grades Winning Team
Sara M. (5th Grade)
Zahra (5th Grade)
Allison (4th Grade)
Sheza M. (4th Grade)
Ayesha (4th Grade)
Ameera (4th Grade)

Middle School Winning Team
Mohamed (6th Grade)
Shaheer (7th Grade)
Talal (8th Grade)
Mohammed (8th Grade)
Ahmed (6th Grade)

Qur'an Competition 2019
Elementary Montessori
1st Place Ibraheem A.
2nd Place Ameenah N.
3rd Place Nadia S.
First Grade
1st Place Maryam M.
2nd Place Tayma A.
3rd Place Dean A.
Second Grade
1st Place Nora I.
2nd Place Mohamed S.
3rd Place Hafsah K.
Third Grade
1st Place Safa R.
2nd Place Ibrahim S.
3rd Place Ibrahim A.
4th Place Inaya A.
Fourth Grade
1st Place Kareem A.
2nd Place Ameera Q.
3rd Place Sarah Z.
Fifth & Sixth Grade
1st Place Sarah R. 
2nd Place Jasmine S. 
3rd Place Ariba A.
Seventh & Eighth Grade
1st Place Wissal G.
2nd Place Humza B.
3rd Place Ahmad T.