Student Achievements

Student Achievements 2018-2019


5th Grade - Second Place

ICNA - Young Muslims Quiz Competition

Level 1 - Bayan (First Grade/Fifth Place)
Nora (Second Grade/Second Place)

Level 2 - Umar (Fourth Grade/Fourth Place)

Adhan Competition - Ahmed (Sixth Grade)

Fulton County Dept. of Public Works Water 2019 Art Calendar

Month of March - Ameera (Fourth Grade)

Honorable Mention - Nabhan (Eighth Grade)

Multiplication Bee
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
First Place - Summer First Place - Malak First Place - Aroush
Second Place - Daanya Second Place - Sheza Second Place - Ariba
Third Place - Ibrahim Third Place - Safaa Third Place - Ali

Science Fair

First Place - Wissal (8th Grade)
Second Place - Basim (6th Grade) & Mohammad A. (6th Grade)
Third Place - Leena (6th Grade) & Rayah (6th Grade)

Fulton County 2019 Art Calendar

Recognition of Achievement (Month of March) - Ameera (4th Grade)

Recognition of Achievement - Nabhan (8th Grade)