Pre School

Our preschool curriculum is enshrined in the belief that children learn best with interactive hands-on,play-based activities, which develop their fine and gross motor skills. At the heart of ILM Academy's mission and vision, is that we create a safe Islamic environment, for our Muslim students to flourish in. Our professionally trained and certified teachers focus on scaffolding ILM preschoolers with social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. ILM preschoolers are immersed with all the core subjects from; reading, math, science, social studies, as well as, Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qur'an. The teachers ensure that your children engage in their creative side, in order to enhance their fine motor skills, and to allow their artistic talents to bloom. For their physical development, our preschoolers have daily outdoor activities in our beautiful playground. Students are encouraged to indulge in sports-related activities to augment their gross motor skills.