Our Montessori pre-school program (ages 3-6), offers the benefits of Montessori education while adhering to ILM Academy's Vision and Mission. Dr. Montessori gave the world a scientific method, practical and tested, for bringing forth the very best in young human beings. She taught how to respect individual differences, and to emphasize social interaction and the education of the whole person rather than the teaching of a specific body of knowledge. At ILM, we believe the observation and the meeting of needs are continual and specific for each child. When physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs are met, children glow with excitement and the develop a drive to play and work with enthusiasm, to learn, and to create. They exhibit a desire to teach, help, and care for others and their environment. The Montessori method of education is a model which serves the needs of children of all levels of mental and physical ability as they live and learn in a natural, mixed-age group which is very much like the society they will live in as adults.