The seeds for ILM Academy were laid in 2006 via an initiative undertaken by a handful of mothers in the North Alpharetta community. Through the dedicated efforts and countless hours spent by those parents, a homeschooling program was started by offering Pre-K I and Pre-K II to 3 and 4 year old children with the support of Hamzah Islamic Center under the name of Hadeeqat Al Atfaal. The focus from day one was to offer an educational experience far exceeding the public school standard coupled with a high level of Islamic education.

Facing unexpected success since its inception, a strategic decision to expand the program to Kindergarten during the 2007-2008 school year was made. With academic excellence as the cornerstone of our school's mission, most of the Kindergarten students fared exceptionally well on ITBS, a nationally administered examination. In fact, most of the students placed in the top 4% in the nation with scores falling between 95 - 99 percentiles.

In May 2008, the parent body and school administration after discussions with HIC's board, decided to establish ILM Academy as an independently governed non-profit corporation, with its own by-laws, building, etc. As a result, ILM Academy was officially incorporated on June 16th, 2008.

  • August 2008 - The previous facility consisting of 5900 sqf rented in Roswell Business Center.
  • November 2008 - After School Program launched.
  • Summer 2009 - Major renovation in preparation for 2nd grade.
  • August 2009 - Grade offering expanded to include 2nd grade.
  • May 2010 - First Principal, Dr. Siham Elsegeiny hired.
  • August 2010 - Grade offering expanded to include 3rd grade.
  • October 2010 - GAC awards ILM Academy with GA state accreditation.
  • October 2010: ILM Academy is the first Muslim School to qualify for the GA Tax Credit Program. ILM collects over $1 million dollars in the next 3 years through this program. ILM disburses the funds collected via scholarships for most students, keeping ILM affordable for most families.
  • June 2011: ILM Facility grows by another 3000 sqf due to addition of 4th grade and increase in enrollment.
  • April 2012: ILM Academy conducts a highly successful workshop at the 2012 ISNA Educational Forum on teaching Quran through Technology
  • April 2012: ILM Academy is ranked in the top 2% of schools nationally based on the Spring 2012 ITBS school results.
  • May 2012: ILM Academy launches the ILM Building Fund to purchase the school's own building. 120K is collected at the first fundraiser.
  • Aug 2012: ILM adds 5th grade. Number of students grows to 110+ from 70+ families.
  • Sep 2012: Advanc-Ed Team conducts Accreditation visit and recommends the school for Accreditation.
  • Dec 2012: ILM Academy acquires its own property, a 12700 sqf old post office on 2 acres of land in the heart of Roswell's commercial district for $750,000. $400K is financed via an interest-free loan from community members, with the remainder coming from parent and community donations.
  • Feb 2013: ILM Academy is formally accredited by Advance-Ed
  • Feb 2013: Renovation of the newly acquired property commences. Interior renovations cost was $700K and have been finished on Aug 2013. A multi-purpose outdoor park/play area is also planned. Construction of park is pending city approvals and adequate funding.
  • Mar 2013: ILM Academy engages Dr. Hamed Ghazali as superintendent to further improve its program offering.
  • April 2013: ILM Academy conducts workshop at the 2013 ISNA Educational Forum showcasing its innovative approach to teaching Arabic.
  • April 2013: ILM Academy is ranked in the top 2% of schools nationally based on the Spring 2013 ITBS school results.
  • May 2013: ILM Parents pledge $100K for new building renovations. Community members donate another $100K. $250K is financed through another interest-free loan from community members.

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