ILM Academy's Hifdth Program is composed of a team of highly qualified, experienced, and passionate staff. The teachers take pride in providing quality instruction with attention to tajweed and a focus on retaining what students have memorized. The program is optional and is offered to students in fifth grade and above. The schedules are designed to offer students both a robust STEAM integrated academic curriculum alongside memorization of the Qur'an. The Hifdth program runs through the summer months, allowing students to remain consistent in their efforts, and providing students the opportunity to excel. Students in the Hifz program receive additional tajweed lessons and work individually with certified teachers who help students apply the tajweed rules in both their recitation and memorization. Assignments in the Hifdth program are individualized to allow students to memorize at their own pace. Parents are informed about their child's progress on a daily basis through e-books that teachers update throughout the day. Our dedicated team of teachers, certified volunteers, and a Hifdth coordinator is dedicated to providing a welcoming, nurturing, and comfortable learning environment to the students.