Get Involved

We invite you to get involved with ILM Academy since we believe it is essential for our success. Whether you are a parent, a community member, an educator or a supporter, we strongly believe that your unique capabilities, insights, experience and background can help us become a better institution.

Find out how you can become part of our cause by exploring this section of our website further. Below are some ways you can get involved.

  • checking homework every night
  • getting involved in PVO
  • discussing your children's progress with teachers
  • voting in school board elections
  • helping  school to set challenging academic standards
  • getting personally involved in governing your school
  • becoming an advocate for better education in your community
  • insisting on high standards of behavior for children.
  • bring new students to the school.
  • donate materials to the school.
  • arrange for a business or other organization to donate materials to the school.