Our Founders consists of parents and community members who were involved in establishing the school initially over the summer of 2008. Alhamdulillah we have a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds all of whom share the same goal of making ILM Academy a world class Islamic Learning Institution.

Our Founders, in alphabetical order:

  1. Ahmed Khan
  2. Ali Rizvi
  3. Atika Shaikh
  4. Bassam Meshaal
  5. Faiza Mehar
  6. Hammad Sophie
  7. Haseeb Shekhani
  8. Jamal Warrayat
  9. Kamal Ashraf
  10. Khadidja Zehani
  11. Saba Khan
  12. Sameer Shaikh
  13. Samia Siddiqi
  14. Shafiq Hossain
  15. Tahir Qazi
  16. Yacine Zehani

Founders Memberships were open until November 8 2008. Criteria for becoming a Founder was:

  • Conviction in ILM Academy's Vision and Mission
  • Commitment to ILM Academy demonstrated by meeting at least one of the following minimum donation criteria:
    • Monetary: $2500 for parents of students enrolled at ILM Academy ($5000 for non-parents) and/or;
    • Time: 10 hours of volunteer work per week to get the school operational